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A Hell of a Highschool
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Smuggler Nick by CalvinAndHobbit
Smuggler Nick
Designs for Nick for a Star Wars OC comic I'm doing.

Nick belongs to RiddleMeRoxy. At her suggestion, I will be adding a hood, and perhaps some shoulders.
Akaato by CalvinAndHobbit
Akaato (No other name) was born around 38 BBY in an unknown crime-ridden urban location. From there, he was picked up as a small child by a unfeeling Bounty hunter, and raised as an assistant hunter for many years. Akaato left the service of this hunter in 20 BBY when he disagreed with his mentor’s loyalty to the failing Separatists. For years, he established his own reputation as a bounty hunter on Hutta, and picked up a young girl as his protégé. She would often be the voice of mercy, convincing him to take many of his marks in alive. When he caught the attention of a Hutt, he saw his opportunity to jump into the big leagues. After performing well in a tournament, the Hutt claimed that he could be his official bounty hunter, but that he must dispose of his weakest point: His protégé. After much regretful soul-searching, he shot her three times in the chest. He has been working for the Hutts ever since, living in luxury whenever he’s not out for the kill.
Captain Magro Deltona by CalvinAndHobbit
Captain Magro Deltona
Magro Deltona was born in 34 BBY on level 1397 on Coruscant. His family didn’t make much, but refused to partake in illegal activities unlike many of their friends and neighbors. Magro grew up resenting the surface people, and often got in trouble with the law. He became familiar with weapons and gadgetry, but was never comfortable with the same level of violence his criminal friends were. When it appeared he was trapped either to go the legitimate, moral way of his parents, or the criminal path of his friends, he ran away from both, and began working for an aging smuggler. Around this time, the Empire came into power with Order 66, and, while Deltona resented the Jedi, this meant that criminal activities in the core were being purged. He and his mentor started making runs out into Hutt space. Around 24BBY, the smuggler retired and gave Deltona the ship. Deltona has spent the past 5 years of his life making runs in his heavy freighter, “The Aged Mistress”
Fun with Frosty's Hat by CalvinAndHobbit
Fun with Frosty's Hat
♫Kyrrrloth the Snowman, Was a fierce and angry god, ♫
♪He was out for blood, and just like a flood, on all mortals he would trod.♪
♫Kyrrrloth the Snowman, oh his true face is not seen, ♫
♪With a mighty howl, he was on the prowl, right out there on the school green.♪

Merry Christmas, foolish mortals.


Mackenzie O'Brien
United States
"The advantage to emotions is that they lead us astray" -Oscar Wilde

I like to draw, mostly comics, have 3 older sisters, my parents are called Tander and Nanyerd, I'm related to Flongrog the Troll Conqueror, I read, and I do battle with a zombie named Fred every Sunday night. Unless it's bowling night and then Fred and I go hit the lanes.

Subject: Lectrode

Lectrode has killed three people in his life.

He has paranoia, which causes him to avoid social contact, and may explain why he lives in a refurbished, fortified sewer and never hires human help.

Lectrode owns bases of operation in every available universe, each with a minimum of 20 droids.

In the accident that caused his disfigurement, a portion of his upper sinuses was ripped out, giving him the opportunity to insert a small air filter/ Mass spectrometer, each with a very limited capacity.

He has taken over Disneyland. (Both the one in Florida, and the one that exists as it’s own universe.)

Lectrode despises magic, leading him into many a heated debate with EMMA over the quality of the “Harry Potter” series.

Like Batman, he never enters a fight unless he has calculated all of the risks, and swayed the field to his advantage.

While his powers and gadgets are remarkably effective, his hand to hand combat is equal to that of a common street brawler. This is unsurprising, given that he was a henchman in his early life.

He is impervious to electrocution.

His electrical bolts are never at full power, given that the shock wave, light, and sound alone would be enough to kill anyone nearby.

Lectrode has never underestimated an opponent on the basis of sex, gender, race, or background.

Lectrode is incapable of breaking the fourth wall.

His worst fears include mind control, Shadow Magic, and defeat.

Stemming from his fear of mind control, Lectrode has programmed his robotic brain portion to take automatic control and take him to a safe haven if any indication of it arises. Unfortunately, sickness registers as a possible mind control, which can take him out of commission for weeks on end.

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Ay6 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014  Student Filmographer
Hey man...I'm working on a brand new fanseries called "Wild Pine High" in which is a parody to "Reaper High".The school had only about four colors for each of the four halls.The all four colors are Red,Blue,Green and Yellow for the Main Hall.On the first floor along with the main floor you see Blue Sanctum and Green Sanctum on two doors on the left and right.And on the second floor you see Red Sanctum and Yellow Sanctum on two doors on the left and right once the characters walk from the Main Hall all the way upstairs for their classes.The characters would also have to wear their uniforms that matched the four colors on each hall they're at.It's at my gallery for more of Wild Pine High.Wild Pine High also has a blog on Tumblr if you want to check it out
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I really like the stuff you have up!
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I was expecting your deviantID to be stranger...
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